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Why I love being a birth photographer

Jade Tauber

Written by Jade Tauber - Melbourne Birth Photography.

The birth of your baby is the most raw, emotional and honest moment of a mother’s life. But all those crazy hormones that are flying around actually set in to gear, your brain goes in to primal mode and shuts down to concentrate on its job. This means that we can actually forget some of those amazing details and little moments that occur through your labour and birth.

Giving birth is one of life’s true miracles. It is one of the most rewarding, empowering and life changing moments you will ever experience. Birth Photography assists in piecing together every little detail of the miracle of your child.


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Jade Tauber

Having a birth photographer at your birth is not someone who is in your face, flashing their lens around or distracting you from the job at hand. A birth photographer understands the need for privacy and minimal interruption during labour, they understand and honour the birth space. A birth photographer captures all your miraculous moments while your partner/ support people hold your hand and focus on what YOU need.

Birth photography is tasteful and discrete and is all about capturing the emotion that unfolds on the day, the joy of meeting your new baby for the first time, the relief and amazement of what you have accomplished. The images provide another perspective on the beautiful rawness of life.

As a Birth Photographer I have attended multiple births as well as completed my certification in Photography. I have been and continue to be mentored by some of Australia’s leading birth photographers and birth professionals including Angela Gallo and Lacey Barrett.

After the birth of my second son, I really fell in love with photography and after attending the birth of a friend’s baby, I completely fell in love. For me it is about the moments. The breath in between contractions, the touch of your support person, the first time you look in to your baby’s eyes.

Jade Tauber

As a birth photographer, I work closely with the family (or family-to-be). We meet multiple times, getting to know each other and planning out exactly what mum and dad would like photographed (and not photographed!) No one birth is the same, no one couple is the same, no one baby is the same therefore no one birth is the same!

For me birth photography is the most ultimate privilege, you get to share in the true miracle of life. I aim to provide families with images they are able to display with pride, look back on and treasure for multiple generations.

Incorporated with this I also love to document the journey in to parenthood with maternity portraiture although it might not feel like it – being pregnant is a pretty amazing time and it will be over before you know it. To top of your adventure I offer ‘first moments’ collections where I come to the hospital in your babies first 48 hours of life and photograph them. This is great if you want to capture those very first moments but aren’t completely convinced on birth photography, it is perfect for the first time baby meets their siblings, or grandparents or just to capture all those little features.

I also offer newborn photography both in studio or a more laid back approach in your home with a ‘lifestyle shoot’. They grow up so fast, and newborn portraiture provides beautiful photographs for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Jade Tauber

Birth Photography isn’t for everyone, but collections can also be adapted to your needs. For example, if you don’t want me to photograph until your baby is lifted up, that’s perfect! If you don’t want any graphic images or nudity, that’s perfect! Or if you want every single little detail, that’s perfect too!

Here are my top tips for finding the perfect birth photographer:

1. Do some research – what does the photographer offer? Do their beliefs and values align with yours? Birth photography can be a VERY different skill set then portrait, weddings or landscape photography

2. Look at their portfolio – do you love their images? Can you not tear your eyes away?

3. Meet with them – the relationship is vital! Do you have good vibes about them? Do you hit it off? Positive birth vibes are EVERYTHING!

4. Look through all their information and packages, as well as their paperwork or contracts – does everything align with you? Are you comfortable?

5. Go with your gut – if you love them and vice versa then go for it! If something feels off, keep researching!

Birth Photography is such a beautiful, unique experience. Most birth photographers do it because we not only love birth but we truly believe in documenting life moments and normalising birth for everyone.



Jade Tauber

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