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Tips for first time Mums to get out with a newborn

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Getting out of the house when you’re a first time Mum, is a BIG DEAL. You’ve gotta pop on your ‘Operations manager’ hat. With feeding, changing and sleeping cycles happening on repeat, you’ve got a small window to get out. Sure, you might have found it easy breezy when you had your partner with you, but riding solo can bring on the hormotional tears. However, you’re going to feel a million times better when you’re not stuck between four walls all day. Here’s some pointers to help you get out of the house with a newborn.

Things for kids

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1. Nail how to use your pram, car seat, capsule or carrier

When I was new Mum, my hubby put the baby in out of the car and popped the pram up and down. When he went back to work and it came time for me to do it – I couldn’t work out the friggen pram. I read the instructions, watched the ‘How to’ vids and for the love of coffee, could not work out how to put down the bloody pram. Maybe it was the sleep deprivation, the hormones or my lack of equipment assembly skills.

This experience brought on a flood of tears and erratic text messages to hubby about how I was stuck in the house and I’ll never be able to go out again. Dramatic – yeah. But now I live to share this cautionary tale with you. Learn how to use your pram and car seat etc, so this doesn’t become a barrier for you to physically get out the door.

Getting out of the house with a newborn

2. Plan where you’re going

Pre-kid you probs didn’t give a thought about kid-friendly places. It makes a huge difference to the experience if a place caters for families. One of the best ways to discover family-friendly places is to use Things for kids. It’s a FREE online tool that allows you to explore your local area and surrounds. Pop in your postcode and it’ll give you a list of cafes, parks, playgrounds & activities to try.

If you’re meeting up halfway somewhere with a friend, you can use Things for kids, to find places in that area. Knowing where you’re going and how long it takes to get there is crucial to timing that small escape window you’ve got.

Tips for new mums to get out of the house

3. Be prepared for the sh#t storm

Babies have this sixth sense that you’re eager to get out. Their natural reaction is to either do poo a before you’re about to leave OR as soon as you buckle them in the car OR as you reverse out of the drive way. It’s an unexplained phenomenon but I’ll tell you now, it’s guaranteed to happen – especially if you’re running late.

Don’t let it deter you. Have a designated change area in the car so you don’t to go back inside. Have a change mat, nappies, wipes, hand sanitizer and an odour eliminating spray. This is also handy when you’re out and about and can’t find a baby change room.

Tips for new Mums

4. Feed your baby before getting into the car (if possible)

Imagine this, you’ve popped into the car with your baby, who is due for a feed at your estimated arrival time. Then, unexpectedly there’s a traffic jam and your trip time doubles (possibly triples). What happens? Well, baby wakes up HANGRY. Not only are you stuck in traffic but you’re with a screaming baby.

Nothing breaks a new Mum more than hearing your child scream like this. Especially if there’s no where to pull over to. I know this because it happened to me 4 years ago and I’ve never, ever forgotten it. If possible, feed bubs before you leave home or when going home to avoid emotional scarring.

Lastly, give yourself a high-five and pat on the back for getting out of the house with your newborn. It gets easier each time you do it and it totally counts towards your cardio quota. Enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and being among adults again.


We’d love to see new Mums out and about. Show us how you’ve nailed the escape. Take a snap and upload it on Insta. Tag @motherhoodmelbourne and @thingsforkidsau so we can re-share.


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