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Natalie's motherhood story - In sickness and in health

Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo

For Mauro…

When I think back to the day of our wedding, the moment when we exchanged our “I do’s” and “forever’s”, we were wrapped in a bubble of marital bliss. I remember how steadfast your look was when you said “In sickness and in health… I will love and honour you all the days of my life.”


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Natalie's motherhood story

I remember that feeling of excitement and mystery.

I wondered what life had installed for us?

What adventures we would go on?

How many children we would have?

Where would we live?

How would parenthood change us?

What careers would we hold?

What would fate have install for the dreamy Piscean and strong Taurean?

What triumphs would be celebrate?

What losses would we commiserate?

Natalie's daughters

I doubt that either of us knew just how drastically our lives would change the moment we received our daughters diagnosis. That moment of immense grief that would shatter our worlds in two. The kind of grief that we would both throw at each other, like flashes of lightening and roars of thunder, when we were dealing with a diagnosis that neither of us could come to terms with.

The kind that would completely change our life… forever.

Natalie and Chiara

The fact that our daughters first words or first steps would never take place in a traditional sense. The realisation that the closest sounds to our daughters voice would be in our dreams, and not in our reality. Then having to accept that her ‘first steps’ would take place in a special needs adaptive walker many years later, and her life-span would remain limited and unknown.

Yet for all the perceived losses we have faced, I think we’re united in the fact that our union has become so much stronger because of our parenthood journey. The fact that we’ve found extraordinary amounts of happiness in places I would never have thought possible.

Natalie and Chiara

We’ve belly laughed until we’ve cried, and also cried until we’ve sobbed. I know you would give the world to change Chiara’s fate, I know you’d do anything to protect her and I know it hurts you like crazy knowing that there’s no cure for her. I know your pain more than anyone else on the planet, we’ve been in the trenches together and it’s comforting to know we have each other.

Our complimentary opposites in drive and personality, have been the perfect fit for this life journey. So thanks for being a rocking husband and a phenomenal father and for reminding me that come what may, - “I do, we do… in sickness and in health”.

Love Natalie x

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Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo

Natalie provides soulful support for special needs mums. Through her work as a writer, speaker, coach and advocate, Natalie has created a community and sanctuary for mothers raising children with a diagnosis or disability. It’s a place to feel supported, empowered and inspired through this unique motherhood journey.




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