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How a Melbourne mum launched a slim fit clothing range for kids

Frankie + Roy

Only a mum of a slim kid will understand these two constant frustrations of buying clothes for their child - 1. Perfect fit around the waist, but the length is too short or 2. The length is right but the waist is so big, the clothes fall off or look like you've dressed your child in a tent. Jessica, a Melbourne mum of two slim boys, decided that she was going to create her own clothing label that was just for slim kids. She had to juggle work, two energetic boys and breaking into an unfamiliar industry to get her slim kid label off the ground. In this post, Jessica shares how she went from idea to actually launching a fashion label for slim kids that is proudly Melbourne designed and made. This is the story of Frankie + Roy.


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Frankie + Roy

Written by Jessica Haley - Owner of Frankie + Roy

If you said to me 12 months ago that I would be designing and manufacturing slim fit clothing for kids, I would have laughed and told you to stop being silly. However, you never know what happens and in September my dream became a reality launching Frankie + Roy.

The idea started back in October 2016 whilst I was having dinner with my husband and couldn’t stop complaining about clothing not fitting our boys (Patty then 2 ½ and Louis 3 months) because they are long and skinny. The options were to sew my own clothing (not an option as I have no patience and can’t sew), import clothing but it would have the same sizing issues or design my own label. After lots of research I decided to dive into the unknown world of fashion design and create a clothing label designed specifically with a slim fit.

Frankie + Roy

I started thinking of everything that annoyed me as a mum when I bought clothing for my boys and wanted to solve these issues; I hated buying them pants because the waist was always way too big but I needed the length. Plus t-shirts were a nightmare too because they often looked like my kids were wearing tents. Also, I couldn’t find classic styled clothing without all the prints. Quality in clothing these days was getting worse as fast fashion attempts to take over the world. I really could go on....

So from here the learning and craziness began. I booked in with The Sample Room who run a great course for beginners starting in this world and they guided me through the process from go to woah! It was a rewarding journey to go through as I went about solving the slim fit problems of kids clothing. On the flipside, it was incredibly stressful as I was in a world I was only just starting to learn about whilst looking after my 2 energetic boys and working.

Throughout the early stages, it was great dealing with local businesses, seeing how they ticked, their customer service and answering what I look back on as some pretty naive questions about the rag trade. Ultimately, their support early on helped me decide to manufacture right here in Melbourne which has been incredibly satisfying to think we’re supporting local business. We’re extremely proud of this and we can certainly see the quality of our local manufacturers in our products.

Frankie + Roy is all about classic style clothing for kids that has been designed with a slim fit in mind. We have a real focus on making sure everything that we produce locally is quality. Our tees and sweaters are a slim fit and don’t get wider at the hips and our pants have a standard length but smaller waist compared to what is out in the market currently.

If you are a mum to a slim kid, you will get so much joy when you put these clothes on your little ones and they actually fit and look great! We hope you love the quality, style and fit as much as we do.



Jess and her sons

Slim fit clothing for boys and girls. Proudly designed and made entirely in Melbourne.

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