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So, you did the doona dance and now there's a baby bakin' or freshly cooked? Let the onslaught of boring bits and bobs begin...Not on Kelly's watch! Kelly is a Melbourne mama determined to bring the FU-UN and sass to women receiving gifts to celebrate being an awesome human carrier for 9+ months. Kelly wittingly shares how her she became a mama and then birthed a business that provides modern giftboxes for preggo women, new mums and their tiny humans. This is the colourful story of Hello Mama.


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Hello Mama

Written by Kelly Wall - Owner of Hello Mama

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, it was exciting.

Sure, I was 18 weeks away from getting married and would now have to do a dress change for the reception due to the fact that I couldn’t breathe in my original dress and lived in constant fear throughout the ceremony that I would just erupt out of it.

Sure, we were about to go to USA for our honeymoon and I would have to go to Napa Valley and just observe people drinking some of the world’s best wine.

Sure, I’d just been given the senior classes I had dreamed of teaching my entire life and would now be on library duty.

Hello Mama

But that was all okay because we had a baby that was currently the size of a lentil (my doctor assured me this legume would grow to be a healthy real life human.) This chapter was exciting!

Until I started to hit the shops for baby stuff. Eek. Everything was gender assigned, fluffy and well, mostly ugly. Ah, I thought, so this is motherhood. It’s going to be all horizontal stripes and breast pads. My baby will need to announce their gender to the world by dressing head to toe in blue or pink and all of my tops will have weird cut out holes so I can just “pop” my boob out inconspicuously.

This didn’t gel well with my personality.

I love beautifully designed, high quality products that reflect my individuality and style.

I don't love baby products that look like a clown has vomited primary colours all over them. I don’t love nude coloured maternity bras.

Hello Mama

I don’t love body suits that say ‘Mummy’s Little Boy’.

To give you an example, my son’s birthday is in a week (yes the lentil actually grew into a cute, very stubborn, genius baby).

I spent no less than two months finding the perfect invite, ensuring that it would arrive on the right weighted card (nothing less than 200 GSM thank you) with the correct texture and of course, matching envelopes. When they arrived from New York in a crisp white box, tissue wrapped and sealed with a small, monochrome sticker… I did a very big happy dance. I only stopped as Tex proceeded to eat an invite. He’ll totally appreciate the effort I put in one day, right? Ha.

When my bestie Kate told me she only 7 weeks behind me and also pregnant, I did another big happy dance. Our life plan had finally come into fruition! Everything was falling into place. Our husbands made a few comments about being hoodwinked but we assured them that it was a happy surprise with no preconceived plans. Just a happy surprise. I swear.

Hello Mama

When Kate was dealing with the whole business of first trimester, also known as Crapville, I desperately wanted to send her a little TLC box to make her feel better.

She was living in Broome, WA so it would need to easy to post and full of amazing items that I now know exist like Lactation cookies, Ginger pregnancy cookies, special pregnancy tea blends and Bump Balm. While there were some amazing choices out there, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. By now, you know my taste is quite particular and once I get an idea in my head, well it has to be perfect.

And Hello Mama was born.

The whole process of testing and finding products that mums would actually love to receive was the best. Let’s be honest, I’d usually get sucked in with the amazing packaging and branding because that’s just the type of person I am. But if the product was also amazing? Magic. I did have to reassure a male friend that he wouldn’t start producing milk after he devoured nearly a whole tin of choc-chip lactation cookies, but that’s more a reflection on his poor medical knowledge.

Hello Mama

Each colourfully patterned gift box is filled to the brim with these products, wrapped in tissue and sealed with a fun colourful message that make mums laugh knowingly like “Where’s my glow, seriously?” or “Mama needs some-me-time”. No daggy mum and baby gifts here; we might have a little bit of vomit on us at most times of the day but we still like nice things.

And now, I have to go and pick-up some colour co-ordinated party hats with the pompoms that will look adorable next to the giant confetti balloons and streamer wall for my son’s party this weekend. He’ll thank me one day.



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Modern Giftboxes for Pregnant Women, New Mums and their babes.

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